Professor of National Chiao Tung University
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Real-Time Embedded System Laboratory
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RTES Lab is a laboratory established on July 4th, 2004. The lab primarily focuses on the researches of embedded and real-time operating systems, network security, software obfuscation, voice-over-IP, network quality, Human-computer interaction, etc. Headed by Professor Yu-Lun Huang, who expertizes in embedded software design and has years of practical experiences in the embedded industry, RTES lab members have been growing to more than fifty members in the past ten years. The lab equips with several desktop and laptop computers, evaluation boards with various embedded processors, Bluetooth development SDK, FPGAs, ZigBee, RFID EV boards, logical analyzers and oscillators. You are welcome to visit our laboratory and enjoy a trip to the world of embedded systems.
Professor of National Chiao Tung University

Consultant of Mozilla Taiwan
Chief of Center for Digital Content Production (NCTU)
Chief of Center for Continuing Education (NCTU)

Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University
M.S., National Chiao Tung University
B.S., National Chiao Tung University
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  • 1995 交大資工系第一名畢業。
  • 1995 獲頒斐陶斐榮譽會員。
  • 2005 交通大學電機與控制工程學系績優導師。
  • 2005 交通大學電機與控制工程學系特校績優導師。
  • 2007 交通大學電機與控制工程學系特校績優導師
  • 1995 思源研發獎第一名。
  • 1995 教育部校園軟體創作競賽佳作。
  • 1995 資工系第三屆軟硬體專題作品比賽第一名。
  • 1996 台北市電腦商業公會台北電腦軟體展「明日之星」獎。
  • 2000 第十屆資訊安全會議最佳論文獎。
  • 2006 德州儀器 TI 亞洲區DSP 應用競賽台灣區分賽優等獎。
  • 2008 網路通訊軟體與創意應用競賽值得注目獎
  • Honors
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Journal Papers
  • Y. L. Huang, Chih-Ya Shen, Shiuhpyng Shieh, "S-AKA: A Provable and Secure Authentication Key Agreement Protocol for UMTS Networks," submitted to IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
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Conference Papers
  • Alvaro Cardenas, Saurabh Amin, Zong-Syun Lin, Yu-Lun Huang, Chi-Yen Huang and Shankar Sastry, "Attacks Against Process Control Systems: Risk Assessment, Detection, and Response, ”accepted for publication by the 6th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS 2011).
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  • Honors
  • Publications
  • Patents
  • Y. J. Lee, S. P. Chang, P. Luong, H. Shi, F. Lin, Y. L. Huang, “Non-Intrusive PSQM/PESQ Voice Quality Measurement,” US patent No. 7299176, Nov. 2007.
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